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Dedicated to meeting challenges within the global community, creating solutions and taking action, The Tony Robbins Foundation provides monetary donations to various organizations around the world. Funding requests are evaluated on an ongoing basis. We look for organizations that align with our mission to empower individuals and organizations to make a significant difference in the quality of life of those often forgotten.

Grant Request

To be considered for a grant from The Tony Robbins Foundation, an organization must first submit an online Letter of Intent. A Letter of Intent may not exceed 3 pages in length as outlined in the online form below. This is the first step in our grant process and only approved organizations will be invited to submit a full grant. Grants are awarded on an ongoing, rolling basis.

To be considered, your organization must: 

Be a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization or an international organization with government-recognized nonprofit status with proof of status.  Be an active nonprofit for at least one fiscal year with tax documentation.  Have a mission statement that aligns with The Tony Robbins Foundation’s mission. 

We do not offer funding for: 

Individuals seeking funds for personal, business or other use.  Start-up costs for nonprofits, businesses, groups or individuals.  Organizations with a mission outside of our areas of focus.  

What happens after submission?

Once submitted, the online Letter of Intent will be reviewed by The Tony Robbins Foundation grant committee. Approved organizations will be notified by email and invited to submit a full grant application including a formal application, directions and deadline for completion. Our Board has the final say on all formal grant applications. If your organization’s Letter of Intent is not accepted, you may reapply for funding the next fiscal year.

Submit Your Letter of Intent

Please share more details on your organization and outcomes.

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