Inmate Empowerment

Break patterns and lead law-abiding lives for the betterment of our society.

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Since 1993, The Tony Robbins Foundation Inmate Empowerment Program has offered correctional facilities support through materials and curriculum designed for incarcerated adults and youths. The Foundation has provided books, audio and curriculum to over 1,600 correctional facilities in over 9 countries worldwide. Participating correctional facilities, juvenile correctional facilities, halfway houses and rehabilitation centers have developed successful programs that give program participants the tools necessary to break their patterns and lead law-abiding lives for the betterment of our society.

The Inmate Empowerment Kit is designed to give facilitators the tools necessary to teach Tony Robbins’ empowering technologies to those who need them most. A sample kit includes (subject to change):

Instructor’s curriculum
1 set of The Ultimate Edge
2 copies of “Notes From a Friend”
1 copy of “Unlimited Power” and “Unlimited Power, A Black Choice” 
2 copies of “Awaken the Giant Within”
1 copy of “Giant Steps”
1 copy of Breakthrough with Tony Robbins
Certificate for a designated program facilitator to attend an Unleash the Power Within LIVE Event (domestic locations only) 

“Lives Transformed”

The Inmate Empowerment Program has contributed to life changing transformations and often receives letters from incarcerated individuals reporting how the program has positively affected their life inside prison and helped them to prepare for pending release. In fact, two formerly incarcerated participants were inspired to write the novel, “Lives Transformed” that shares their personal accounts of taking control of their lives. These individuals have continued to stay in contact with the Foundation, contributing their firsthand experience with the program.

Create powerful change that transforms lives.
Request Inmate Empowerment materials for your facility.

Complete the interest form below and upload a letter of request on your facility’s official letterhead stating the intentions of use. Requests must be made by an authorized facility contact such as a warden, counselor, chaplain or program director. Please note only one request per facility. We can not ship to PO boxes. At this time, we can not ship outside of the USA.
  • Max. file size: 120 MB.

Robert A., Michigan

“Thank you for your time and compassion. A lot of men have long sentences here and need a boost in hope…I have loved being able to bring this program here and see people find happiness in their lives.”

Monte L., California

“I recently came across one of your books, Notes from a Friend and “WOW!” that book…awakened this passion for me to want to redirect my life and be a productive father, husband and son.”

Dixon Correctional Institute, Louisiana

“Our main focus is cognitive behavioral therapy and…the program curriculum that you offer, is of great assistance to us. Each day we work hard at changing lives of our offenders in order to change the trajectory of their lives.”

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