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Empowerment Bracelet

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This Empowerment Bracelet was created to help encourage you to realize your unique potential, for to be empowered is to be both grateful and passionate. Azurite is worn to enhance inspiration and expand the mind, while Hematite works to dissolve negative energy and disperse tension. Amethyst, the stone of spiritual awareness, promotes clear judgment and facilitates the decision-making process. Clear Quartz, the most powerful amplifier on the planet, regulates and absorbs compromised energies, and Sodalite calms the mind, paving the way for new information to be received.


The Chinese Coin is an ancient and powerful manifesting tool, valued for attracting wealth, luck and endless opportunity that includes Tony’s iconic message, “Live with Passion.”


Created exclusively for The Tony Robbins Foundation.


Available in 7.5″ or 8.5″ (inch) lengths. Coin measures 1″ in diameter.

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