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Welcome one and all! I have given up all that I have known because I believe that I am made to serve a greater purpose in life! Some may know me from my political run in 2018. I have since realized that if I am able to make a difference, the political realm would not be one to pursue. I would be 1 of 400 representatives trying to convince others to do something good and respectable in 1 to 2 years before the legislature is officially acknowledged... Instead, I can do it RIGHT HERE, RIGHT NOW! I was fortunate to attend a Tony Robbins workshop in March of 2019. There was an exercise on Transformation Day that totally changed the course of my life! After that exercise, I became physically sick. That exercise made me visualize the results of limiting myself with my negative beliefs and how it would affect my future. I made a solemn vow to myself that I would never feel that way again! In doing so, I discovered my passion in life was not about making money, I already have all that I could ask for in a beautiful family, but my passion was about helping individuals without expecting any reciprocity. This is who I was when I was in High School. I volunteered over 200 hours in my senior year, I received an award signed by then president William Clinton and an award for being an Alter Server for over 6 years. I realized that I became a jaded individual and my association with people and political views lead me further and further into becoming unrecognizable to myself. I am now devoting my life's work to those who need my help. The Coleman Corp will soon be a 501c3 amd serve the Dover community first and foremost. I am already looking on ways to reach out and facilitate help in areas like the poverty stricken Louisiana towns and the Homeless and hopeless Detroit, MI areas. I understand that I am incapable of doing this alone. I need and believe that there are others out in this crazy world who are just as hopeful and selfless as I am. To those, I welcome you with open arms! Together, We WILL change the world! Thank you all and may the healing hands of God bless you and give you strengths unknown to help you guide others in making the choice to become a part of His life changing feats! Amen!

5 years ago