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Scott Parker

The Atlanta Food Brigade was organized by Scott Parker and friends. There is a silent hunger that is going unnoticed in Atlanta. Unfortunatly some of these people are extremely proud individuals and are allowing their pride to prevents them and their families from visiting a organizastion that feeds those in need. Several families and individuals have anxiety with attending rather large settings, choosing to go hungry rather than face strangers. Our mission is to discretely find and feed families in need with the food that they prefer. On so many occassion I have noticed food baskets filled with items that are far from healthy. Our program provides familes with foods that they prefer to eat, not just vienna sausages, beanie wennies, canned esparagus, pickled herring and other items that have been sitting in the back of someones cubard for years. We aim to provide quality healthy foods that will bring energy and positivity to these good folks which helps restore dignity.

7 years ago