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Hi! My name is Thomas Trotts. I just registered the FIRST basket brigade in Linn County! I am super excited to Pay It Forward back to our community. I have nothing myself, but I know I don't need anything to be resourceful and make this happen. I believe strongly in the power of gratitude, unlimited living, believing in the goodness of all people and a life dedicated to the service of others. Here in these words you read now is the seed I have planted of real service. Help me bring a delicious meal to the people of our community that are facing tough times. Struggling to get that foothold that can often elude the best of us. If you would like to be apart my mission to feed as many families in our community, to end the suffering of as many people possible. Starting right here in your community, and if we all come together, feeding the world one day, please contact me and let talk about how you'd like to Pay It Forward! Thomas Trotts

5 years ago