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Nomadic School in reflecting Life

I am from Sri Lanka. Indeed, at this moment, my country is in a helpless state through all kinds of breakdowns. In this situation, I am sensitive to my responsibility as an educator and am doing various activities. Meanwhile, my friends and I joined together and established the Nomadic School in Reflecting Life as an alternative education and training institution. We started online Fun Activity children's camps for students who were helpless due to closed schools and disrupted education during the Covid epidemic situation. This was appreciated and supported by various groups of people. After that, we run this as an alternative education center that empowers education, from pre-school children to university children, by inculcating life skills and develop social emotional wellbeing of children, and providing the necessary guidance to produce good citizens. Along with this, we will continue to train and empower teachers and educate parents and the community. All this is being done by us with our personal financial capacity and the contribution of various individuals and institutions is also received in small amounts. But if you help us one organization at a time for this, it will be a great support.

1 year ago