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Eva Weber

As I have started this initiative very late, I did not have the time to prepare the suggested baskets but asked my connections on facebook instead (all together around 1.700 people) to collect money and also toys, cosmetics, clothes, etc. for the women and kids in a shelter for battered women. In the one I found there are currently 18 women and 28 kids and they own nothing. Usually they grap their kids and run. So within 12 days we could collect 850 Euro and two cars full of partly band new things, partly used but in very good condition. A friend of mine and myself gave them everything on the 22nd December, told them we are just bringing the things and that there are people out there who really care. They could not believe it and where in tears of pleasure and very grateful. I thanked all my friends for their support and gave them feedback on the reaction of those women and kids. What a great thing to do for other people. Next year I will start earlier and do it in the way the foundation prepared it. And I might have to translate Anthonys book into German as well before we can give it as a gift. Not everyone speaks English here. Thank you for the fantastic impulse you gave me to get this going! Hope your year has been a huge success as well again. Warm regards from Munich in Germany and best wishes for 2017! Eva

7 years ago