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Sal Torres

As we embark in a new season we would love to create a collective that is passionate about giving back. We plan to partner up with other associations to support them and grow awareness. Our #1 focus is to provide baskets and dinners for the less fortunate. No one should go hungry. Help us support this great vision and mission. 100% donation will go towards buying meals, gift cards and delivering them to individuals and families. We greatly appreciate your help and support

5 years ago

Sal Torres

Excited we raised $200.00 on our first year as a Basket Brigade participants. We gave one family a $50 gift card. It brought her to tears. We gave 2 homeless individuals cash. We bought another $25 gift card to give to a local corn sales lady who said she couldn't afford to provide for her family. And we still have money left over to purchase toys for local kids. Thank you for allowing to be a part of this vision. We are hooked.

11 years ago