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My name is Dr. Vincent deFilippo. I live in the New York area and teach as a Professor at Monroe College in the Bronx, New York. For the past 23 years, I have donated education based scholarships to low-income families and children of single parent families to support their future education needs. Every day I witness people in our community suffering from the affects of the pandemic, unemployment, and the lack of food or other services that could assist them with living a better quality of life. Like the Tony Robbins Foundation's mission, I am dedicated to creating positive changes in the lives of youth, seniors, the hungry, homeless and the imprisoned population, all who need a boost envisioning a happier and deeply satisfying way of life. Any help is appreciated and greatly needed. Please donate food, clothing, books or any other offering that you believe will benefit those less fortunate or struggling through a difficult period of their lives. The power of a few good people can help so many in our world. Let's do it! Thank You, Dr. V

3 years ago